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The beginning of St. Peters dates back to 1884 when the Rev. H. Gose  began missionary work in Three Rivers.  In 1885 Three Rivers, Fabius and Centreville congregations calleed Rev. Gose to be their pastor.

Pastor Gose served from Oct. 1884 - 1886

Rev. C.A. Weisel March 1887-1889

Rev. Otto R. Massman August 10 1890-1893.

Rev. Otto Luebke served 1894 - September 1900.

Our congregation was organized on May 13, 1896 under the direction of Rev. Otto Luebke.  We were part of a multiple parish sharing a minister with Centreville and Sherman Township.

Rev. Victor Richter served from August 1902 -1904

Rev. Louis Neuchterlien served from Aug. 1904-1911.  A new Church was completed in 1905 on Wood Street.  Rev. Otto Rupprecht  was ordained in July 1911-1918.  Under his encouagement a basement and Parochial school was implemented.

Rev. Oswalt Woezlein served from September of 1918 -1922

Rev. Otto Schumm served from June 1923-1938.  He began Sunday School teaching children after Sunday service.  Services were in German and once a month in English as early as 1904. In 1929 it was resolved to have 2 English services a month and in January of 1942 all services were in English.

Rev. C. A. Borman served from 1938 - 1945 when   after 60 years St. Peters resolved to call a pastor of its own and sever its ties with the other two parishes.  Rev. Donald Schumm, son of Pastor Otto Schumm, served from August 1945 - 1952.  In 1946 a parsonage was purchased on Wood Street.

In August of1952 Rev. F.J Stattelmeier was installed and in 1954 a committee was formed to plan for a new site and church building.  On October 26,1958 our present church was dedicated.   Pastor Stattelmeier served until 1966.  Our stained glass windows were dedicated on October 27, 1968.

In  August of 1967 we were blessed to have Rev. Roland Barkow who served our congregation for 30 years.  An educational wing was completed in 1984.  We have a pavilion and play area for fellowship and fun.  Pastor Barkow served 27 years and retired at the end of 1994

Reverend Timothy Azzam served from 1998 to 2005

Reverend Alan Stadelman served from 2006-2012

Reverend Ed LeClaire served from 2012-2013

Reverend Robert Bartz, Pastor Bob, 2014-2020

Reverend Ronald Moritz, Vacancy Pastor, 2020-

Wood Street Church 


50 Year Reunion 1946

Former Pastors  & members who belonged to St. Peters when if was first formed 50 years prior. 

Wall in Nursery of the Education Wing

painted by Jean R. a current member.

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